3 D - P A P E R - S C U L P T U R E S

How I make the 3D sculptures.
Starting with a blank piece of card or paper, I cut hundreds of thin stips using a metal rule, cutting mat and blade. 
Once the final design is drawn up, I stick it to my window and stick a blank piece of paper, usually A3-A2 in size, over the top. The light coming through allows me to 'trace' the design with out any pen or pencil marks appearing on the final sculpture.  
I then bend, twist and cut the thin strips into the right shapes, dab one edge carefully in glue and stick it on - holding it for a while while the glue dries. 
It is a laborious and intricate process, but one that I absolutely love. It is a calming way of producing art work and the best bit comes when I take it down from the window and see it in all it's glory. 
Photographs of the final pieces can only say so much, the shadows and colours the white paper produces in real-life are subtle but stunning, and they really need to be seen to be appreciated. 
I am having a couple of designs made into greetings cards, and am yet to see if reproducing them smaller is going to work. I hope so! 
I also aim to try making some full colour pieces...watch this space!