I have managed to combine a few skills here to create the most beautiful cushions, and I'm so pleased with them! Taken from my little paintings, scanned in, printed onto 100% cotton fabric, sewn up into a cushion (measuring 45cm x 45cm) with a concealed zip, and then photographed.  There are 6 in total all with different shades and compositions and they will soon be available to buy on my website and my Not On The Highstreet shop, for around £45.

W A T E R - W O R K

A successful, blissful, energising weekend of surfing has resulted in a new-found inspiration for my painting. 
This one is called 'Dipped in the shoreline' inspired by my daughter happily playing and discovering jellyfish on the sand while I rode the waves.

M A K E - A - W H A L E - S E W I N G - W O R K S H O P

The first in a series of 'Make' workshops....the Cornish Whale!

Learn how to sew your own Cornish whale entirely by hand, in a cosy, easy-going relaxed atmosphere. Held at St Anta Church Hall in Carbis Bay on a Monday evening between 7:30 - 9:00pm. This is course aimed at beginners, and by the end of the 4 sessions everyone will have their own whale to take home with them.

You will learn:
How to cut out the fabric/felt from a pattern
How to use a simple stitch and running stitch to construct the pieces
Sew on buttons for eyes
And learn a blanket-stitch to assemble the final whale.

All materials and equipment are included, and tea, coffee and biscuits also provided!

So, to join in and make your own, truly handmade Cornish whale give me a call on 07902427455, email me at katiesimpsoncornwall@hotmail.com, or enquire via my Facebook page.

Session 1 - Monday 29th February 2016. 7:30-9:00pm
Session 2 - Monday 7th March 2016. 7:30 - 9:00pm
Session 3 - Monday 14th March 2016. 7:30 - 9:00pm
Session 4 - Monday 21st March 2016. 7:30-9:00pm

£10 per session, so £40 in total for the 4 sessions. Payable in advance please to secure your place, and cash, cheques and internet banking are all accepted.


B A U B L E - M A D N E S S !

These baubles have been so popular over that past couple of weeks, and I'm so pleased! As they are not traditional christmas colours, I'm hoping that the customers who have bought them will be able to enjoy them all year round. They would hang perfectly in the window or in a child's bedroom, but for this month at least, they add a little burst of freshness to your Christmas tree!
They can be ordered through my Facebook page...

C O A S T - L I N E - P I L L O W

I've had busy and productive morning this morning (whilst I've been child-free!) creating this custom-made coastline pillow, from the Lizard to Mousehole on the South coast of Cornwall. Once it's dry I'll sew it into a large 70 x 70cm square pillow. Painted on to 100% luxury percale cotton.
Now to tidy up before they get home!

S U M M E R - S E C O N D S - S A L E

After a successful summer making lampshades there are a few left over that have slight imperfections, meaning they can't be sold at full price. Over on my facebook page I shall be running an 'End of summer seconds sale' this weekend so do pop over and grab yourself a bargain. Lampshades pictured above are 23cm diameter and will be £20 each (RRP £40)

B A C K - I N - A C T I O N !

Hooray! My pottery classes have started up again after a looooong summer break, I have been desperate to get back to the wheel on Wednesday evenings! 
This term I'm going to focus on getting my pot decoration just as I want it, so used my first week back to throw some plain cylinders-perfect as testers for the slip and scrafitto technique I love. Next week they will be just dry enough to get going on the decoration.
(My friend and fellow potter Maggi Gooding captured these action shots of me at the wheel.)

L O C A L - M A G A Z I N E - F E A T U R E !

So super-duper excited to see my Coastal View cushion featured in our local magazine! The editor has also added a cute little feature on the inside cover too, and I think it all looks great, I'm so happy!
This cushion is a custom made product, hand made in Cornwall. Any coastal view in Cornwall (or anywhere else in the world!) can be hand painted and sewn into a rectangular cushion, perfect for your favourite seat or sofa. Order slots available soon....

W E B S I T E - U P D A T E !

Link to website

Have you visited my website? katiesimpsoncornwall.com
It's full of lots of turquoise loveliness, and has links to my shop...!

C O A S T - L I N E - P I L L O W - c u s t o m - m a d e

This HUGE pillow is 70 x 70cm and made of super soft luxury 100% percale cotton. Hand painted with the coastline from Carbis Bay (on the right) to Zennor (on the left) with St.Ives in between.
 Any coastline can be depicted, from anywhere in the world (not just Cornwall!) so I will soon be offering this as a custom made product.
 So many special memories, holidays and occasions happen on these beautiful coastlines, and having this cushion as part of your bedding collection are a super soft and special way to connect to the memories.

S N E A K - P E E K

I have a new idea brewing....!

P I L L O W - T A L K

I was just testing out some pale colour washes this weekend inspired by a recent watercolour painting I made of Carbis Bay, but I like it so much I might actually turn this into a nice big square pillow for our bed. The edges are particularly stunning on this one. (The edges of the colour that is, not the edges of the torn fabric!)

S O L D !

A windy and successful  day at today's craft fair. My pots were my best sellers, and I bid a sad farewell to this striped jug which has been one of my favourites for a while! 

S U M M E R - F A I R - G O O D I E S

This Sunday I will be taking part in my first craft fair, and will be seeing how well my pots, lampshades and cards sell. The weather promises to be sunny and I'm looking forward to taking part in a day of summery Cornish festivities! All these lampshades, plus a couple more, will be for sale- so if you're local and would like to come and see me I'll be at the Halsetown Village Fete all day on Sunday 2nd August. http://www.halsetownvillagefete.co.uk/index.html

S E A S H O R E - L A M P S H A D E S

I'm so happy with these, especially the more watery one in the aqua colours. They are hand painted and hand made and of course inspired by the beautiful Cornish sea. Next time I am going to actually paint them using some sea water, as the salt content can have wonderful and unpredictable effects on the colours.

S E A - V I E W - C U S H I O N - c u s t o m- m a d e

My hand painted cushion captures the gorgeous cornish coast between Hawkes Point, Carbis Bay and St Ives beyond. Hand painted, any view is possible, commission slots available soon.
Fully washable and 100% cotton. 

C O A S T - R I N G S

Last weekend was our first wedding anniversary. We were married in the sweet little Cornish village of Zennor where my husband spent his childhood. It was the most perfect day and the happiness of the day was captured absolutely perfectly by our photographer 'Sand in my Pockets' Cara. 
Our wedding rings were made by 'Hannah Louise Lamb Jewellery' and the coast line from Carbis Bay to Zennor is carved right through the middle of them. 

 Loving this Cornish life, married to my Cornish man!

N E W - P O T T E R Y - H I G H S !

Oh the joys of Raku! 
It was our final pottery class of the summer this week so as a summery farewell Richard set up his raku oven. In the weeks leading up to 'raku night' we had thrown special pots from stoneware clay, fired them once in the electric kiln and dipped them in raku glazes ready for the raku oven.
It's an incredibly quick process, so in the space of about an hour they had been put in, bought up to temperature, cooled slightly, transferred to a bin of sawdust, quenched in cold water and then scrubbed with a brillo pad! It was so exciting to scrub the black char away to reveal these beautiful colours and patterns underneath. My best pots yet!

3 D - P A P E R - S C U L P T U R E S

How I make the 3D sculptures.
Starting with a blank piece of card or paper, I cut hundreds of thin stips using a metal rule, cutting mat and blade. 
Once the final design is drawn up, I stick it to my window and stick a blank piece of paper, usually A3-A2 in size, over the top. The light coming through allows me to 'trace' the design with out any pen or pencil marks appearing on the final sculpture.  
I then bend, twist and cut the thin strips into the right shapes, dab one edge carefully in glue and stick it on - holding it for a while while the glue dries. 
It is a laborious and intricate process, but one that I absolutely love. It is a calming way of producing art work and the best bit comes when I take it down from the window and see it in all it's glory. 
Photographs of the final pieces can only say so much, the shadows and colours the white paper produces in real-life are subtle but stunning, and they really need to be seen to be appreciated. 
I am having a couple of designs made into greetings cards, and am yet to see if reproducing them smaller is going to work. I hope so! 
I also aim to try making some full colour pieces...watch this space!

L O V I N G - T H I S - C O R N I S H - L I F E

We're having such a lovely weekend in the sunshine, and this new paper sculpture that I have recently finished really sums it up!  This one is inspired by swimming in the sea and how I find it both completely relaxing and rejuvenating. 
(And of course inspired by my little mermaid, photographed here!)


I used the same technique here as on my pots; terracotta clay, coloured slips and drawing into the wet slips to reveal the clay underneath (scrafitto). They are roughly A4 in size and I plan to mount them on some white washed board so they can be hung on a wall. 

C O R N I S H - T U R Q U O I S E - S E A - B O W L

I've been busy trying to re-create the gorgeous Cornish turquoise sea colours in pottery recently, as I am surrounded by these colours every day, and they truly make my heart sing. A bit of refining to do on this particular technique but I'm so happy with how vivid and glossy the colours are, especially with the little flecks of gold.
 The words say, 'Love this life, live it with joy, pure joy'.

A - L I T T L E - W A T E R C O L O U R

I took my palette of watercolours out on a walk along the coastline between Carbis Bay and Porthkidney. I found the perfect spot to sit, just on the cliff edge, but safe enough to sit for a while. On ice blue watercolour paper I quickly painted the view looking back to Carbis Bay and St Ives harbour in the distance. It literally took 2 minutes, but isn't quick impulsive painting always the best?

H U N T I N G - F O R - S E A - G L A S S

One of the most serene things for me is collecting sea glass and sea pottery on the harbour in St.Ives. I have pocket-fulls of it and so, spent a Sunday afternoon sorting through and sifting out the best bits. The aqua greens and ice blues are my favourite; I have created this piece showing the beautiful  variations in tone of the glass that washes up.

T O O - M A N Y - P O T S !

I'm beginning to explore the possibility of letting some of my pots go...! They are lining every available space in each room of the house so it is probably time to think about sharing them out. I have just put a couple up for sale on Etsy to test the waters...

S E A - I N S P I R E D - P O T S


My hand- thrown pots at Richard Phethean's evening class, Rosudgeon Cornwall. We throw in terracotta clay so achieving the whites and muted colours I love so much is hard to achieve. Here I have applied a whitey-cream slip, then minty-aqua and scratched into them to create the pattern. Fired once and I love the subtlety of them. Glazing and firing again will make them usable, but darken the colours. I love them as they are so they are destined to only ever hold dried flowers!

A L M O S T - C O M P L E T E

This one can mean so many things... I feel pure joy each time I look at the beautiful Cornish sea, when i kiss and hold my children, when I see my daughter run across the sand or when I step into my new kitchen my husband built me! Pure Joy is this huge contentment I have with my life right now. Happy happy times.

P O T S !

Not yet fired terracotta pots made at Richard Phethean's pottery class, near Rosudgeon in Cornwall. Here I have dipped the pots in a creamy white colour slip, waited for it to dry, then painted on an aqua colour slip and scratched into them to reveal the clay underneath - process called scraffito.
Just waiting to see what happens to them when they come out of the kiln, the best bit!